Of Love & Friendship

It seems everyone is getting married these days. I guess I am coming to the age where the most frequented purchases for guys are engagement rings and for girls a white wedding dress. But the thing I love most about weddings is having everyone come together again-those who you haven’t seen in a few years. Today, my dearest friend Carlia is having a belated wedding reception with her husband Keith.

I have known Carlia since middle school-she was the most talented girl in our graduating class! Through the years our friendship remained close and as senior year approached we were asked to be Central Brevard Debutantes together. (If you didn’t know what a deb is, google it!) Basically your parents threw you a party and the group of girls chosen as debs would be a part of your attending guests.Carlia and I both had a love of music, space, and the 60s so we decided to have our party together-a 60s themed groovy party at the Space Center with a live band who played cover songs of bands like The Doors and The Beatles. Senior year was packed full of events and parties we both attended but as most things come to an end so did high school. Carlia moved to Orlando to go to UCF and I was stuck still at home and community college.

We have been through a lot in the last 4 years. Carlia has always been a dear friend of mine and when she met Keith you could just sense that he was different, he made her so happy.  Today I am not only celebrating Carlia & Keith on their marriage but also a friendship. Even though we live in different cities and are in different phases in life, Carlia and I still remain good friends! As we all get together tonight to celebrate love and happiness, I hope that it brings us back to the old days!

Carlia, I hope you have a “wonderful tonight” at your reception-as Eric Clapton would say!

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