July..and a new blog!

A new month and a new blog!  As a Communications major, I decided to switch over to a more professional blog and that meant starting over with a clean slate in the blogging realm!

I just finished up my last and final summer semester at UNF. One elective class-Media Graphics-which was an intro to Photoshop and InDesign. Having already obtained 2 years of prior experience in Photoshop, the first half of the class was a breeze! InDesign was slightly difficult to get into at first but once I got the hang of it I found it to be a lot of fun! I am also still interning with Cox Media Group in the production department. The internship has been such a great experience! A part of my internship has been writing and helping produce promos for our radio stations. At the end of April, one of my promos was chosen by a client to be aired for the month of May. Not only was my piece chosen, I was also able to do the voice over for a “Prudish-English Woman.” It was the perfect start to my summer!

For the rest of my summer, I have decided to focus on a new blog. With a month and a half off of classes before my senior year at UNF, I have decided to start writing again. What better way then to share it with my friends and family! Sit back and enjoy my new blog!


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