Music Installment: Dusty Vinyls

A box full of dusty vinyls sits by my father’s bookshelf and probably hasn’t been touched in years.  I sat down with him this evening and went through his collection of treasured albums. My father has always been a progressive rock man and to finally go through his records I can see exactly why I favor a lot of the same artists as he does.

A few favorites from his collection:


Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here

Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Considering this collection stems from my dad’s high school days it’s like a time machine-every vinyl had a story. My father gets very animated when he tells a story especially one about music! It was nice today bonding over music and singing songs by Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Elton John, and Led Zepplin. We always end up singing whatever is on the radio when we are in the car. Days like today make me appreciate the time I spend with my dad and  fact that I will and have always been a daddy’s girl.



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