To My Father.

As many of you know, my father is a photographer. He started photographing when he met my mom in ’78. His work inspired me to pick up a camera as a freshman in high school. I took a black and white film class that taught full darkroom use and developing our own film. My father being the awesome man that he is gave me his old film SLR camera.

My father encouraged me to go to school for photography after I got into it and really enjoyed it. So I enrolled in Daytona State College’s photography program which is in joint with UCF’s Bachelor’s in photography. After 2.5 years of study I finished with my A.S. in photography.

One of my father’s goals is to get his bachelor’s degree in-you guessed it-photography! He has been really interested in the UCF program and trying to get him to go back has been hard. With his job in question the last year and a half it has been hard to focus on school.

However, I believe I have finally made it possible for my father to go back to school-a little motivation. I will graduate from UNF next spring and will most likely be in Jacksonville for at least 5 years after. So I proposed an idea to my dad-if I get a job and stay in Jaxx for a few years after graduation and can maintain a full time job I maybe going back to school for my 2nd bachelor’s degree in-yes photography! I told him that if I took classes with him at the same pace and we worked together that he should go back. He’s all about the idea!

How cool would it be to walk across the stage again for another degree and most likely after my father-since our last names are the same! We will see if it actually happens but it’s certainly an idea!

One thought on “To My Father.

  1. Shannon: Keep at it sweetie and if you can get him to go back I think it would be great. It is something he has wanted to do but for lots of different reasons did not feel the time was right. What an awesome tribute to your dad. You are such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter. I feel so proud to say, “This is my granddaughter.” As I wrote on my facebook page, your are so beautiful inside as well as out and I love you so very much.

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