Revelations of Options.

Two weeks ago I stood at the turn basin at Kennedy Space Center to witness history. I spent 6 hours there talking to my father about his job and his coworkers. I photographed the final launch that morning and shared with everyone at the basin the emotion of an ending era. What I didn’t think would happen was to drive through the gates while leaving and think, “I could work for NASA one day, doing media, and I could drive through these gates every day. Like my dad, I could work for the nations space exploration headquarters.”

After 2 weeks of wondering why I felt so split down the middle about something I had no clue about I came to a revelation. I graduate in May. (hopefully) The new manned space flight program Orion is due to start testing liftoffs at the end of 2012. Granted jobs for direct affiliation with the program are few and far between with recent lay offs but I am sure by the fall of next year, there will be plenty of media jobs out at NASA.

If I am so passionate about my love for space and photography with a degree in Communications, why don’t I try and get a media job with them? It’s one in a few options for after college…but it would mean moving back to Brevard. That…is not what I wanted to do. But it certainly is an option.


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