Hometown Glory

It’s Friday evening and I am sitting around the apartment going through pictures on my hard drive. Amazing that a year ago I was packing my life up to move here and couldn’t wait to get out. All I wanted was to leave Brevard. But it will always be home. Jacksonville has provided me with so much. My life has gotten much busier since I left home. It’s hard to sit back and realize where I came from. As much as I hated the small town feeling I got living there, it was my hometown for 21 years. I grew up watching space shuttles liftoff from my backyard, spending weekends at Cocoa Beach, and making fun of tourists who drive to slow and dress terribly. As sappy and lame as it was living there I miss it from time to time-mainly my family.

So this week I am taking a little road trip back to Brevard  to spend time with my parents, fix my car (after almost a year of no a/c), and see a few friends. It’s great to go home and visit since it’s never permanent. I can go visit and leave when I wish. Maybe I will wonder around one day while I am there and get lost in a sense.

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