The Enchanted Forest…Not So Enchanting!

August 5th, 2011: Photoshoot with Tara.


I have always been adventurous so I recently planned a shoot with my friend Tara in the Enchanting Forest in Titusville, FL. I brought my hair and make up artist, Lauren along for the shoot and the three of us ventured into the forest. Being Florida, it was about 100 degrees with the heat index and the mosquitos were dreadful but I was so motivated to shoot in the forest! I am usually pretty settle when it comes to seeing spiders but today they were unusual bigger than normal. Tara, my model wasn’t too much of a fan of shooting there since everywhere I took her we ran into webs with massive spiders. After about 20 minutes of attempting to shoot we opted to head to another location.

We jumped in the car and headed to her dad’s house which has a pretty interesting backyard. I found a few spots to shoot at including an awesome vintage wheelbarrow full of bricks! The girls had a blast and it was so nice getting back into shooting and directing again! I always forget how much I miss it until I have a great shoot like I did today!


My beautiful model, Tara.

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