My senior year of college is finally here and I feel like people cannot stop asking me, “What are you going to do once you graduate?”

This is a tough question to answer for me. You see, I am not gifted with a genius mind and cannot get a full ride to some grad school to get a degree in aerospace engineering-something I would do if a.) I was great at math and physics and b.) was more left-brained. You see I am some what of a creative, a artsy, right-brained girl. I hated academic classes growing up and all I wanted to do was go to dance class and drop out of school.  For someone like me this question has further meaning.

What are you going to do once you graduate?

This question can be broken down. Since I will not be getting a masters degree a job is the only other option. Finding a job means narrowing down what I like and what I am passionate about.

A few things I care about:

  • Space Exploration(But we all know that’s non existent these days.)
  • Human Equality
  • Art/Photography
  • Gay Marriage
  • Cultures of the World (All of which I have yet to understand but one day will because I do not want to be an American who is not excepting of other cultures-we are one world, let’s be some what united!)
  • Music
  • Dance
The next question is where and what do I find a job doing? Well, as a senior in college who hasn’t gotten through this semester yet I cannot answer this question nor any of these What will you do? Who will you be? type questions. I am a young adult still experiencing the things I need to get through before graduation. A bet a few things will happen and I will change a little over the course of the next 10 months.
If you may one day find me and ask me “What will I be doing after I graduate?” I will simply say: “Something I love, something I am very passionate about, and something I can grow and learn in.

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