Feels Like Home

I pulled in to my driveway last Friday morning to my dog starring out the window of my parents house. I love this feeling. Arriving comfort. I stepped inside and imediately was greeted by my dog-who brushed up against my leg wagging his tail. This feels amazing. I kicked my shoes off and sat on the couch. To think over a year ago I was visiting my parents for the first time since the big move to Jacksonville. I was a different person back then compared to now. Everything new and different. But home-home always takes me back. I would come home every day from Daytona after my photo classes to be greeted by my dog, my mom’s cooking and my dad on the couch. These days coming home is different. I stay for 3 days and then leave it all behind. Home is everything-it’s the family who brings you in when you’re flat on your face, it’s the home cooked meals all made with love, it’s the feel of familiar.

It’s simple joys-sitting on the couch with your parents watching old movies, laughing at how terrible the movie was made. I love home. I miss my family. I don’t miss the area much but it is still home.

I spent my weekend spending time with my mom and dad, going through old pictures and dance costumes and eating really amazing food! My mom even split a beer with me while we watched the Florida football game Saturday. It was time really well spent. I love them. They keep me going. This isn’t easy and it’s not going to get easier. Just having support keeps me afloat. Without them I would be nothing.

Mom & I in the Spirit for Gator Football!

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