Well, as a few of you know I hate red meat. It makes me sick to my stomach. But lately, I have stopped eating meat. I guess you can say I got really bored eating chicken every night! So I have decided to become a vegetarian/pescaterian. A pescatarian eats fish and only fish out of the meat family which is something I can’t live without! I started a few days ago and I already feel so much more energized. With cutting red meats out of my diet I’ve had to start taking vitamins. I am really excited to start this new way of eating. I have a bunch of meatless recipes I am making and I even convinced Judd to try some of them with me. But you can’t change a man and the way he eats so I will still be making chicken for Judd. :) I will keep you all posted on the recipies I make and what is worth trying out!


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