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Lately, I have been feeling very worried about my future career wise. Everyone seems to be boosting about master degrees and getting degrees in this that aren’t as creative. You see, I am not a very academic person. I love to write and read but I hate school. My favorite classes have always been art related. It all started in music class in 1st grade and moved into art by 6th. I took drawing class in middle school and did a whole lot of photography courses in the last 8 years. I never enjoyed sitting down with my textbook to study. I still don’t enjoy studying-especially for my media planning class but I do it and make sure I know the material so when I do earn my bachelor’s, it’s well deserved. You see the thing is, I am very right brained. Always have been, always will be. I enjoy creating pieces to surround myself with and photographing the people I love.

Moral of the story is-I don’t like being told I should get a masters degree. First off, I do not have the money for it nor do I have the drive to do 2 more years after the 5 I have already done. (Which included 3 degrees if you consider my bachelor’s which will be in the Spring.) Secondly, It wouldn’t make much sense getting a masters in photography or advertising unless I wanted to teach or gain a portfolio. Money is so tight these days and I am already knee-deep in student loans to be paying off that I wouldn’t want to add to the pile of debt which I am happy to say does NOT include any credit cards! You see, my parents are proud. They aren’t pushing me to do anything and they never have. They have supported all that I do-even the art and photography.

When I was a freshman in college starting photo classes, my mom didn’t really understand and I wasn’t too sure of myself. I jumped in head first. Within the last 5 years, I have learned a lot about myself. I want to create and live through my creativity. I don’t need big paychecks or lofty titles to make me happy. I need my creativity, my art, my love.

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