2011 in Review

Being that it is December, the year is coming to a close. Since I will be traveling during the end of this month, I am taking time now to reflect on this past year. 2011 has been a pretty epic year! I rang the new year in with Judd, who at the time was my new boyfriend..sorta ish. I got an opportunity to work at the radio station in February which started off in ad sales but by April, I was writing copy for ads and working in production. Here I am, still at the station and working with production. It’s been pretty unreal. I was able to go photograph Rock on the River in May for the station. I photographed bands such as Panic!At The Disco and Airborne Toxic Event. It was pretty awesome to say the least!

Judd and I at Rock on the River

Summer was pretty busy with class in the first half. I had a media graphics class which taught inDesign which was pretty fun to learn! I actually love using the program now. July was a big month for me personally. My dad works at the space center and got me a turn basin pass for the final shuttle launch. I couldn’t sleep the night before! After an hour of attempting I woke up and drove out to the VAB where I would set up and shoot the launch. Granted when I left it was 5:30am. Early! The gas station was PACKED! I ran in to grab a newspaper which I collect during most historic space events. I was a little nervous that the launch wouldn’t happen since there was a 80% chance of rain that day.  For 5 hours, I waited with close to millions of spectators waiting for the word of “go” for liftoff. 5 Minutes before the scheduled liftoff mission control ran down the checklist and dubbed Atlantis STS135 a “go” for final liftoff. I knew what I had to do. I was given the opportunity to photograph history..and I did it. Countdown was tearful and trying to focus with watering eyes is a challenge! Liftoff-my mind shutoff completely. For a good minute I photographed in shock and awe. It was done, over completely. Atlantis got a standing ovation from spectators at the VAB Turn Basin including me who stopped photographing to continue wiping tears from my eyes. It was spectacular. The images were some of my best work  to date! It was all personal and very real. Here’s a shot of my dad and I at the VAB.

Daddy and I at the VAB Turn Basin, STS1

I spent a lot of time in Brevard with my family in July. Since I have moved to Jaxx, it has been hard seeing my mom and dad. So while I was home for the launch, I stayed with my parents and made plans with friends and family down there. It was a nice break away from everything! August came too fast and getting all of my classes together for my final fall semester was a bit of a pain. Overall, this semester was hectic! I had numerous internship interviews for my spring semester and was discouraged slightly when I never heard back. Then, on the deadline for the internship applications for the school I got an email from an agency. Dalton offered me a copywriting internship in the spring which is exactly what I want to do once I graduated. It feels great to have accomplished a internship with an agency in which I admire and really cannot wait to work with!


If I have learned anything from this semester, it is that no matter what life throws at me, if I want something bad enough-I will work my butt of to get it! I have a lot of hard work ahead of me next semester and I am so ready to dive in! In the mean while I will enjoy my winter break and time with my supportive family!

Thanksgiving 2011 with the Baker Family

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