Daddy’s Girl

Ever since I was small, I had a slight obsession with cool things and I blame my father! Cool things including space, cars, and really great music. It started when I was about 4 or 5 and my dad would watch me while my mom worked. He would put on Star Wars and recite the majority of the lines. I was highly amused as I sat on the floor playing with my Hot Wheels cars and watching the genius George Lucas film play out before my eyes. My dad is a pretty cool dude. He is in his fifties but he doesn’t act it! He would give my brother and I new Hot Wheels cars almost every day-he is after all a collector.  One of the childhood memories that stick out to me the most with my dad is riding in his little red ’94 Mustang on the way to school listening to Pink Floyd and Queen. I guess that explains why I love Floyd so much..

My dad is a bit of a perfectionist and when I was younger I used to fear I wasn’t perfect enough. It wasn’t until high school that I realized my dad loved me no matter how flawed I was! He gave me my first camera at the age of 14 and suggested I take a photo class at school.

To say we are slightly similar is an understatement. On a good day you can catch us singing any Rush song at random, reciting lines from the Star Wars Trilogy-yes the original 3 because I am not a huge fan of the new ones-and having an intense photo “shoot off” which is basically my dad and I shooting our 7D’s and 50D’s at each other to see who can will give up first. We have always had common qualities not to mention a dimple every time we smile on the left side of our faces.

Our father-daughter relationship has gotten stronger since I have gotten older but since i have moved up to Jacksonville, his daddy-knows-best lectures have come down to phone calls and skype. It’s a change and I miss being able to just walk into the computer room at midnight and talk to my dad for hours about the impact of the space program.

Both my mom and dad have taught me a lot in my almost 23 years of life but being able to relate to my father in our right-brained ways has helped me grow into the weird and nerdy yet intelligent being I am today. I am proud to admit to my ways because of him. The late nights listening to music-you wouldn’t believe I am doing it now and it’s currently Rush-the  need to buy something “Star Wars” related because it’s probably the coolest movies ever, and of course random photography sessions in my living room that Judd gets to put up with now! I take pride in it. I did after all get my father’s legacy or initials inked on my foot in a film strip.

I love and admire my dad. He is an incredibly hard worker,one that will bend over backwards to get the job done. He has a passion for what he does including his photography. He inspires me. I would never have gone to photo school if it wasn’t for him telling me I would one day regret it if I did not go! Finally, he loves his family more than life itself. He has been with my mother since 1978. He should be proud to be a father of two grateful kids who work hard with him and my mother’s support.

Tonight, we had a late night talk about space and photography. It fulfills me knowing that if I ever wanted to talk nerd I can just pick up the phone or skype my dad. I know that one day he won’t be here the way he is now but I believe that is why God put Judd in my life-to indulge in the late night conversations about space and music. My dad will always be there whether it be in person lecturing or in spirit at a big interview. That’s why I dedicate this post to him. :)

Hanging out with Dad, I was about 2 or 3 here.

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