Presidential Debate on Campus

On January the 23rd, CNN took over the University of North Florida campus in Jacksonville, FL in preparation for the Presidential Candidate Debate. I am not a huge fan of political events but as a young adult feel it’s important to have a part in our democracy. CNN was filming on “the green” outside of the Fine Arts Building starting on Wednesday of that week, the day before the debate. I didn’t really plan on photographing it but happened to leave the house that day with my camera bag in tow. I managed to leave in the middle of my campaigns class to document Wolf Blitzer filming the Situation Room live.

Wolf Blitzer during filming.
Sign on the fine arts building.

It was amazing publicity for CNN to host the debate at UNF. They had nothing but great things to say about the campus, it’s programs, and it’s students. To think, in just 3 months UNF will be my alma mater.

Live monitor of CNN at UNF.
Up close of Wolf.

Apart of being able to witness the CNN debate events, I also had the pleasure of meeting Wolf Blitzer himself. I walked right up to him after the debate and commented on how well of a job he did. He said keep up the hard work. :)


Something like politics can be frustrating to understand especially if you are a 20-something college student in debt up to your eyeballs with a gloomy job outlook. But participating in our democracy by voting is such a huge right. We can change the outcome of our future by voicing our opinions and voting. This image to me stands for an entire generation-one that tries to avoid our parents mistakes and change the face of America. I don’t care who you are-get out there and make a difference!

We can make a better tomorrow if we react today.

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