A Countdown Begins.

Tell me when to panic. I have 2 months left of college and still have no clue where I will be come July. I am excited but freaking out that I will end up stuck. I consider myself very motivated and driven to find a job. I’m afraid I will have a hard time finding a job. I refuse to move back to where I came from, it screams failure to me. I always wanted to get out and now that I am, I plan to stay that way.

I’m not one to conform nor settle. I’ve never followed in the foot steps of my peers, I’ve always gone and done something different. Most of my friends moved away and went to big Universities, I drove an hour 4 days a week to go to photo school for 2 and a half years.  Some chose to get married and have kids, I chose to focus on my education and a career. Some moved back to Brevard, I chose to leave and never go back. (At least not in the next 20 years!)

I’ve been looking at jobs for the last few months but really can’t apply until after graduation.  I countdown the months/weeks/days remaining of my college career yet hold on to the days in an attempt to stall the future. It’s going to be stressful. I’m going to be dirt poor. I probably won’t enjoy the job hunt process/apartment hunt process. (Luckily, I have Judd for the apartment process!) That’s another thing.

Judd applied for 8 internships to hospitals for internships, which would lead him to become a registered dietitian. The application process makes you wait until April 1st for a final decision on where you will be going. It’s a waiting game. Almost a whole month from now until he finds out. Granted there’s only one internship in Jacksonville and the rest scattered around Florida. So we wait and wait to hear if and where he will be going. It’s scary. We’ve been together for a year and a few months and I’d pretty much bend over backwards to make it work even if I had to work and live at a distance from him. (Not ideal but his internship is only 9 months, it’s manageable.)

So I countdown. I sit and wait as patiently as I possible. And I lose sleep at night. Especially tonight.


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