Spring Break

Or should I say, my final spring break before the real world. It went by way to quick but it was a blast! Here’s a slight recap.


Judd and I followed each other to my grandparents house to met up with them and my parents. My cousin Cody was in town from Afghanistan where he is stationed with the Army. We went over to his mom’s house and saw him. It was so refreshing to see everyone there for him. We were all really proud!


It was about 75 degrees and sunny which meant perfect beach weather! I met up with Judd, his brother, and his best friend Patrick to go to the beach. We later enjoyed big ole burritos from Da Kine Diegos. It was funny to hear Judd and Patrick catching up on high school days like it was so long ago. I guess 4 years for them is a long time!


DISNEY DAY! Matt, Judd, and I drove out to Orlando to go park hopping at the happiest place on earth. We started off in Epcot. First, I piloted a mission to mars. Judd commanded the mission and Matthew was the navigator. We had a fairly successful mission minus a slight meteor shower! Then, we “lived with the land” to see how Disney scientists harvest plants and utilize different unique methods to growing these plants.


I drove down to Viera to visit my mom at her work. It was nice going to see all of her co-workers again. I used to volunteer there in high school and known the majority of her co-workers. I met Judd and his family for lunch in West Melbourne. We had a lovely lunch and then followed it up with frozen yogurt! Judd’s mom drove us to St. Joseph’s Church, the first and oldest Catholic Church in Brevard County where his parents were married. We saw where his great grandparents were laid to rest. We hung out with his mom for the rest of the day and looked through old yearbooks. He was such a cute kid! :) Later that evening, we met his friend Patrick downtown.


It was a low-key day for me. My mom made her famous meatloaf for dinner and baked some cookies for my girl’s night. My dear friend Carlia came over to watch a movie. I’ve known Carlia since the 7th grade. We even had our debutante parties together. Now she is happily married and expecting her first child. She was glowing! I am so happy for her!

There is something about being back home that always makes it so hard to leave. I dread leaving! But the next month and a half is going to fly by. I will finally be a college graduate!

Here are some pictures from break:

Judd and I at EpcotDisney Loving!Cinderella's Castle :)Siblings!

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