Confidence? Copy that!

I’ve been gaining experience as a copywriter since April of last year when I began writing radio commercials for a local station here in Jacksonville. I loved being able to make up dialogue and was even able to do a few voice overs. I never expected to be on the writing end of advertising but I love doing it!

When I  started interning as a writer for an advertising agency, I knew I would work my butt of writing on a daily basis. It seems so easy when you write copy for class or for radio on short notice but agency based work takes time. You may write ten pages worth of copy ideas for a headline and they only chose four and of those, they pick one. Now I used to be a big baby when it came to anything I did: photography or design. I would get offended when my work was criticized. But being in an agency, I’ve learned to give and take. If they don’t like what you write, give them something better. You learn to move away from the emotional attachment and get into the business aspect. Someone is paying you for an idea to sell their good or service.

I’ve grown to love when my work gets cut. It makes me work harder, write more and think out of the box. Today I sat in on a meeting with a few other creatives and we were going back and worth with ideas, cutting each others ideas, and crafting better ones with the words we plucked from the bad ideas. It’s like a game and a fun one at that! With all of these new experiences, my confidence level grows. My writing is getting better and the only way it will continue is to practice. I am passionate for what I do and want to succeed in my field.


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