Downhill Slide.

This is it. The last month of college. The last month of my education, forever. I’m not sure how I should feel about I reaching this point. To be honest, I’m terrified, stressed, and making myself a little crazy. It’s the month in which everything winds down: the papers, projects, or plan books in my case. (Lately, it’s been plan book hell!) Maybe this last month should be treasured. It’s hard to treasure something when you’ve got school work up to your eyeballs. Maybe I should take it all in and enjoy it. Are you kidding?! I am ready to be done! This is the end of one chapter that has been going on for a long time.

Since I was 5, I remember going to school. I had classmates, nice teachers, and homework-which I never wanted to do. I slacked off often and put dance before my school work up until college. I was determined to get off my tiny island and make a life for myself. I studied my butt off. I spent my early college days commuting back and forth an hour each way to photo school. My idea of finals week back then was trying to complete prints for my portfolio and compose an artist statement to pair with it. It was work but it was fun.

Moving to Jacksonville and taking classes at UNF was a huge step for me. It started off a little stressful and messy but ended up being the best decision I ever made. Now, only a month left and I will have the world at my fingertips. (Or at least a piece of paper claiming I am educated!) Yes, things have been beyond stressful. And no, I don’t handle stress well at all. But I am pretty sure I can get through this-99.9% sure that is.

Will I miss it? Maybe

Would I go back and do it over? Absolutely not. I am content with the way my education has turned out and will be more than happy to move on to the next endeavor, JOB HUNTING!

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