My Father, The Hero.

I’ve always looked up to my father as a role model. He has always worked hard in all that he does whether it be at his job or at home with his family. Recently, my father was recognized for all that he does at his job with the Kennedy Space Center.

My father was nominated for the Silver Snoopy Award given by the astronauts to the NASA work force at each space center for all of the hard work they do. Only 1% of the work force is given the award and it is almost unheard of for contractor employees to receive the award. My father is an exception! The Silver Snoopy Pin (which recipients are awarded) is a very special award. Each one was flown on a mission to space. My father’s happened to be from STS 133. Each pin is given from an astronaut from that flight to the recipient.


Here is my father with astronaut Mike Barratt. The ceremony was wonderful! Our family went with my dad’s parents. We got to meet and mingle with astronauts and NASA big wigs. It was a great experience. Not to mention my father was super happy! Congrats dad!


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