Christmas at Disney

Tis the season for surprises and thanks to my wonderful parents, Judd and I got to enjoy a surprise a few weeks early! My mom bought us tickets to see Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. We jumped in the car the next day after work to go spend the evening among the bright lights and Christmas decor.

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella’s Castle covered in icicle lights.

My Brother!

My brother and his skating partner.


Mickey & Minnie :)


Hoop Dancers


Goodnight Magic Kingdom!

We walked down main street under the snow-fake snow that is-and watch the Christmas Parade. My talented brother even skated up to me during his performance and shook my hand. :) I can brag, I am quite the proud sister! Judd and I had a wonderful time. If you ever have the chance to go, do it!

Happy Holidays!!





4 thoughts on “Christmas at Disney

  1. Beautiful pictures, especially of the castle. I was at Disneyland last weekend and Sleeping Beauty’s castle may be the original, but it’s not as stunning as Cinderella’s, especially during the holidays.

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