A Little Walt Wisdom

Over the past week I have found myself a little stressed. I came home from work one night this week and opened up my Pinterest to a board I call “Wise Words” my collection of inspirational quotes. I came across this Walt Disney quote that really pulled on my heart-strings:


It takes risk and courage to achieve things you dream of. Walt took many risks in his life and career that made every single dream he had become a reality. The quirky little mouse drawings became a national icon and his theme parks ¬†play host to some of the best vacations a family can have. If it weren’t for his courage, Walt may never have been able to make his dream possible. His wise words have inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams.

What do you dream to do? Whether it be a job, an art project or a life goal you would like to achieve know that anything is possible with the spark of courage in your heart.

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