The Anti-Bride Begins to Plan a Wedding

Some girls spend their entire young life planning their dream wedding. Most of my friends in high school knew exactly what kind of wedding they wanted even down to the dress details! I’ve never been on of those girls. To be perfectly honest I am what you may call the anti-bride.

Anti-Bride: (n) a modern woman who likes to do things different from the bridal norm. She likes to think outside of the box and color on its walls while doing so. 

I have been to quite a few weddings and have noticed I am not fan of the norm. I never wanted a traditional church ceremony and couldn’t see us having a typical reception at a hotel. I also never thought that I would a.) meet the man of my dreams and b.) that he would ask me to marry him.

Once my boyfriend of 2.5 years popped the question, I had no idea where to start with the wedding planning. My mom had encouraged me to pick up a few magazines and a wedding planning binder to start my research. I also caught myself watching wedding shows galore. (Rolls eyes, shrugs shoulders..”Yes I am guilty of that!)


I have to say I was a bit turned off by the extravagant weddings on these wedding shows. 200+ guests, tacky decor and so much buffet food you could choke a horse! I started thinking about how I would go about planning our big day and how I could keep it within our budget. As a creative type, I started researching unique places to hold our ceremony and reception since we aren’t getting married in a church. Immediately I was slapped in the face with the sticker shock. $2,000 rental fee and $14,000 food and beverage minimums?!  Automatically, my anti-bride ways kicked in fast. Why is it that people spend so much on one day? Not that it’s not an important day but wouldn’t you rather use the money you spent on extra buffet food and cake no one is going to eat and put it towards a house? I began to lose hope on the planning side and suggested to my fiance that we go to a courthouse.

Then I came across great online sources for planning an affordable yet beautiful and intimate wedding without having to make sacrifices on things that mattered to us. Here are a few blogs I frequent for planning below:

Intimate WeddingsI came across this blog thanks to Pinterest! They have a lot of unique DIY ideas, gift/favor ideas, vendor guides and even have a real weddings section with couples who hosted lovely events on tight budgets.

The Broke Ass BrideLOVE this website. It’s full of quirky ways to plan your wedding on a tight budget as well as real weddings from other broke ass brides. :)

These blogs calmed my bridal woes and motivated me to start planning our big day. Not to mention it gave me hope knowing that there were other couples out there paying for their own weddings and on their own small budgets.

In the long haul it’s not the wedding that will matter. It’s the marriage that will follow. Our marriage journey will begin in the fall of 2014 and I cannot wait for our life together! In the mean time, I have a lot of planning to do!

3 thoughts on “The Anti-Bride Begins to Plan a Wedding

  1. So glad to read this. Remember this should be enjoyable planning your wedding not something to get stressed about. Have fun with your and Judd’s special day. Love you’

  2. Check out “A Practical Wedding.” They have a ton of awesome resources for how to make your special day, well, practical! Tutorials, reviews, and opinion pieces spanning more than just wedding-related things, but life things as well. Plus the ladies who run the site are super nice and always looking for guest posts!

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