Attending a Wedding as a Bride-To-Be

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of one of my college friends. It was the first wedding I’ve attended as a Bride-to-be and it really put things into perspective. You never really know how much goes into planning until you are knee-deep in wedding mags and annoying your Pinterest follower’s with all of your wedding pins. To see a fellow friend/bride have a beautiful wedding is reassuring to those of us who are in the “planning” phases.

Attending a wedding as a Bride-to-be is nothing like those shows on t.v. where four brides compete against each other all while bashing each other’s ideas. I found myself in awe of everything my friend did to make her day special. Every little detail and every single moment of the wedding was perfect. It was refreshing to know that “Yes, I can pull all of this off!” Wedding planning can be trying at times especially the closer the date gets. It is nice to step back and attend other weddings and know that it will all work out. Our wedding day will be perfect-or at least close to it!




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