Shannon Baker’s Portfolio

Shannon Baker’s Portfolio

My online portfolio for both photography and advertising is finally live! Check it out!


For Photo’s Sake

I found this image while cleaning off my hard drive a few months ago. My father and I came up with concept, setting and lighting. My parents had this class table in the breakfast nook, which is now currently in my apartment. We took a studio light and placed it underneath the table and 1/2 power. My father helped photograph this image of me. It happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

Of Dreams & Creativity

I have always been creatively driven. Creating things gives me purpose, it fulfills me in many ways.

Since I was 6 in art class sculpting terrible looking versions of my cocker spaniel Apollo I have been inspired by creating things. Granted I never could draw nor could I really paint-though I attempt quite frequently! I enjoy creating things. Even though I am no Van Gough, it makes me happy just to make pieces from the heart. My work completes me-I don’t wait for approval or to satisfy critics. I am a bit of a perfectionist but that is just the way I have always been. Recently I have been working on a piece for my anniversary with Judd. It’s something ¬†from the heart yet utterly cheesy. Creating something which shows my personality has always been my goal when making art. I figure what better way to show my appretiation for someone who I love dearly then to make it funny and witty. (If I were to show or explain it, I would spoil the surprise..but I will post it when he sees it!)

With my creative juices flowing and motivation to achieve this piece, I thought to myself what if I pursued my passion of creating art on the side of my career at least until I get settled. It’s been a few years dabbling in photography on the side of classes and I never seem to find the kind of photography I am content “branding” per say. All this creativity has motivated me to blend both of my passions together as one-combine my artistic abilities with my photographic abilities. I want to make pieces that satisfy both myself and possible clients.

As I approach graduation in April, I need to consider the options for my future. This is an option I want to develop through the next few months. Stay tuned!