Saturday at the Farmer’s Market

A couple of weeks ago, Judd and I decided to get up early and go to the local farmers market. If you have never been to a farmers market, it’s an outdoor produce stand full of fruits, vegetables, grains even eggs that are sold by local farmers. Not only do you support these local farmers by buying their produce, you also save money! It is much cheaper to buy from a farmers market then a regular grocery store.

Here are some of the colorful sights I captured that day:





We bought a few items and put them all to good use!

Our items:

Green Tomatoes-I made fried green tomatoes for dinner what night and they were so fresh!

Rainier Cherries-expensive at the grocery store, only $3 for a lb!

Peaches-Judd’s favorite purchase!

Roasted Peanuts-my guilty pleasure.



40 Days: A Lent Proposition

Lent has come upon us and I feel as though everyone is giving something up. So instead of giving something up, I have decided to improve upon and change an aspect in my life. For 40 days, I will attempt to get up on the “right side of the bed” and have a positive outlook on the day that lies ahead. I may even blog about the experience each day to remind myself in the future to remain positive. I will also exercise for an hour each night. That could be walking around my neighborhood, doing yoga in my living room, or running the treadmill at the gym.  I seek an energetic lifestyle with a positive back bone to support it with. I feel that improving upon my lifestyle will help better me as a person instead of negatively “giving up” on something. This will be my goal for the next 40 days. Wish me luck!